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All the office employees enjoy comprehensive medical insurance starting from 1/1/2011
Tax Services

We seek to enable the company to take advantage of all our professional tax services that may arise from any operation for the company, and thus the office team work on the coordination and coherence between the auditing and tax services, which would definitely increase the effectiveness of tax services.

1. The most important tax services, which might be provided to the company:

• Study the basis of taxable income accounts, and suggest any required modifications.
• Study the impact of any amendments might be done in the tax laws regarding the tax liabilities of the company and recommend the appropriate procedures in this regard.
• Study the extent to which the company benefits from all the available exemptions under the in forced tax laws.
• Study any tax implication that may result from any new unexpected processes and recommend the necessary arrangements.
• Review tax procedures set by the company, in order to insure the correct application of the provisions of the law and the existing numbers conformity with the account books and other accounts and insure the validity of the taxable accounts.


2. Tax Statements’ Preparation:

Our role includes assisting our clients in the preparation of tax statements, according to the Income Tax Act No. 91 of 2005 and its implementing regulations and providing tax statements on its legal time to avoid delay fines, our tax services include the following:

A- Check and calculate the tax of deduction at source and help in the preparation of legal forms and provide it to the specialized tax authority on the following dates (30 / 4- 31 / 7 -31/10 -31 / 1) of each year, in order to protect our clients from the related fines and penalties in regard to the new taxation law, which may be related to suspicion of profiting from public money.

B- Review and calculate wages and salaries due tax, in compliance with the Egyptians and foreigners tax authority law to be submitted  before deadlines, in addition to, prepare and submit quarterly statements and the annual settlement.

C- Review and calculate due sales tax of the company for the benefit of tax authority before deadlines, in addition to, prepare and submit monthly statements.

3. Tax Inquires:

We provide all answers for the inquiries regarding tax issues by writing or e-mailing or consulting over quick phone call, and we provide the company on monthly basis with all ministerial decisions and circulars issued by the IRS for the company's activities, as well as notes on the changes that occur in the tax laws and its amendments which has impact on the company’s business.

4. Follow-up tax procedures (tax examination of the company):

A- We represent our clients in a proper legal way before the various tax authorities and work on resolving all tax disputes that may arise during internal committees or appeal or tax reconciliation.

B- We represent our clients in addressing the general management of income taxes research body in case of tax disputes that require decisions to settle these differences.

D- In case of disagreements, especially on sales tax, we can attend on behalf of our client before grievances committees and commissions of conciliation to reach a final settlement of differences.