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All the office employees enjoy comprehensive medical insurance starting from 1/1/2011
Accounting Services 

As a matter of fact, the essential task of the accountant is to identify the outcomes of the business, profit or loss, as well as the financial status of the project up to the date of issuing the Balance Sheet and in order to achieve these goals, the accounting process of our office pass through the following steps: -

•Establishing legal books, then document it at the government bodies.
•Design a complete paper trail to ensure easy flow of work and accuracy of data processing.
•Data processing and establishing the daily necessary records according to the applicable accounting method either manual or automatic.
•Registering daybooks, and carrying ledgers or arranging the inputs for the automated system.
•Producing periodical financial statements (weekly - monthly - yearly) according to the requirements of the management.
•Checking the integrity of the presentation and disclosure of financial statements in accordance with Egyptian Accounting Standards.
•Verify the accuracy and integrity of the internal control system in the firm.
•Copy the balance sheet and the financial statements and its annexed interpretation.