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All the office employees enjoy comprehensive medical insurance starting from 1/1/2011
Our valued customers
We are always happy that the Office of Tarek Galal Chartered Accountants & Consultants to provide various services to its customers And on the field of accounting, auditing and tax services and financial advisory, administrative and economic as well as the establishment of companies and deal with all government departments and the Office receives all inquiries and pledge to be answered by the way that fit with the history and experience of the Office and all its staff and office are always ready to provide services required by companies and businesses of all types and through its specialized departments, external consultants in addition to collaborating with the Bureau and thereby to achieve the goals associated with those services, the picture which we hope will always be acceptable to our customers.
The main objective of auditing and reviewing the financial statements is to provide a technical unbiased opinion on the integrity and validity of the financial statements and to define the extent to which ....
We seek to enable the company to take advantage of all our professional tax services that may arise from any operation for the company, and thus the office team work on the coordination ....